Data protection

Insofar as personal data is collected as a result of visiting our websites, this is in accordance with the provisions of Swiss data protection regulations.

When viewing our web pages or opening our electronic communications, you thereby consent to your personal information being used within the Rotho Group for the purposes of technical administration of Rotho’s websites, customer administration and surveys, and that information will also be passed to third parties for this purpose. Non-personal information (aggregate data) may be passed to third parties in all instances.

Rights of use afforded to Rotho in relation to visiting our websites range from, on the one hand, information freely provided to us by the user when registering for products (eg name, address, interests) to, on the other, information saved as a result of technical processes (eg IP addresses). Furthermore, Rotho are permitted to make use of personal data that were provided by taking part in competitions, participating in forums or chats, or by ordering products.

Our websites makes use of ‘cookies’, so as to enable certain processes, navigation systems, services and transactions. If you do not wish to permit cookies to be saved on your computer, select ‘Do not accept cookies’ in your browser settings. (Please read your browser manufacturer’s instructions for more details about this setting.) If you specify a setting that does not accept cookies, this can lead to the malfunctioning or non-functioning of certain features of our website.

If you have any questions regarding how we use your personal data or any other legal points relating to our web presence, please contact our webmaster at the following address: Rotho Kunststoff AG, Industriestrasse Althau 11, 5303 Würenlingen, Switzerland, or by email at